Halloween 2020

It was a party one year in the making.

We were all sitting impatiently in the car, inches away from the next bumper, slowly dying in this horrendous October 31st traffic in P. Burgos, Makati. The rain had just stopped, but the congestion went from bad to worse. Never mind that it was a school night: on this side of the road, cars and strangers merged. Halloween made it a living hell: blurred headlights on a standstill, the engines barely revving in the procession.

From the backseat, I rolled my car windows down as Kiana Ledé started singing “Ex.” Bars from outside lit our bored faces red when I mindlessly started throwing unsolicited one-word critiques at strangers’ costumes. Borat. Witty. Captain America. Passé. Milk tea man. Perfect. “Hey guuuuys,” I said. “Enjoy.” Then from the driver’s seat, a new game plan for Halloween 2020: park the car at A. Venue, book a Grab… or just walk. No more gridlocks next year.

Well… shit.


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