Usapang Sunday brunch

We haven’t seen each other in a while, so my sudden invitation for a catch-up couldn’t come more fitting. But to shake things up, can Toni, Sabrina, and I have Sunday brunch, instead of Saturday night drinks?

Sometimes, Saturdays feel like an extension of the weekdays: horrendous traffic, unavailable parking slots, and multiple events in one day. Sundays, on the other hand, are usually chill. I haven’t heard mass in a year (but hey, I pray!), but I’m always down for a good brunch. It’s not too early, and it’s not too late: you earn two more hours lounging in bed, then you dress up at 10am, meet your friends for eggs, bacon, coffee (or more), then say tata after 1pm. When you’re in your late twenties, it’s basically the new hook-up.

The girls were unsure at first, but were eventually sold to the idea knowing it’s the first time we were ever going to have brunch. Breakfast and lunch: it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Getting out of bed on a weekend was a challenge, yes, but the conversation and the smell of pancakes amid a quiet space were inviting.

As I have become an advocate for brunch, I’m listing down hip brunch spots you may want to try:


(Broadway Ave., New Manila, Q.C.)

With its homey vibe perfect for a Sunday morning, Little Owl is an old house that has become a quiet hideout for my friends and I. Serves western and Pinoy breakfast. Food is delicious; the nook, ‘grammable.

Try: Banana Brulee Pancake. Looks thick, but is actually fluffy. Divine with (what else?) maple syrup.

Try: Chick N’ Waffle. Protein for the gains, carbs for the weekend, fries for fun.


Not saying which branch, but it’s quite obvious if you’re familiar with Little Owl’s location. (Haha.) I used to frequent the branch in Wilson, San Juan, but it’s closed now, so I’m usually here for a quick crepe fix.

Try: Ratatouille and Fontina on toasted baguette

Try:  the Mango Nutella French toast if you’re not dining with your mom/lola, otherwise they’ll say, “Sana kumain na lang tayo sa bahay. Kaya ko rin tong gawin, eh.”



Kind of basic and a given–and more of a weekday hangout for the millennial workforce and Chinoy families–Toby’s still makes the best spot for brunch because of their heavenly sweets and heavy meals.

Try: Bucky’s N Creme brownies. Worth the calories.

Try: their frothy flat white



Another basic cafe in front of Ateneo, try their cinammon. Okay naman.


Banawe cor. Maria Clara, Q.C.

Try: matcha cheesecake!


Mother Ignacia Ave., Q.C.

I love Jiro because it’s perfect for introverts like me: it’s unassuming, it’s hidden, and it’s quiet. The space is Japanese-minimalist, with unfinished, industrial interiors. (Another plus is that it’s just a tricycle ride away from work.)

Try: baked banana slices with butter


Mother Ignacia Ave., Q.C.

Almost everything in Kandle Cafe is made in-house, from the bread to the patties. Another cafe that’s just a stone’s throw away from our office.

(Disclaimer: not a sponsored post; all photos are mine)


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